Will I ever be with him?

I was close friends with this guy until I told him how I felt. He's the most friendly and cheerful person I ever met but when it comes to girls, he's absolutely clueless. In fact, I was the first person to ever confess to him. After that, he "replaced" me with another girl from our class. It took some time for us to become friends again. But I hugged him one day and he cried it was pedophilia since I'm eighteen and he's seventeen. He doesn't talk much to other girl anymore. He just feels really awkward around me and I feel so hurt and heartbroken.


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  • That's not pediphelia and tbh this guy sounds like he doesn't have the balls to satisfy a women say he ain't worth it, you should move on.

  • He is nervous... confront him about the feeling s and see what is goign on in his head... guys are hard to read sometimnes


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