Will she give me a chance?

Hi guys.

I really like this girl in my school and have done so for last 2 and a half years. However, I'm too shy to talk to her in person. I'm ok talking to her when my friends are around or her friends are. I've recently noticed that she keeps looking at me as in I walked into her class the other day to get something signed by the teacher and she was making something and talking to her friend while looking at me, when I turned round to walk out the class she then quickly turned away.

I got a 7 out of 10 for looks of her on snapchat (only snapchatted once). She also likes most if not All instagram photos even if they're like my new football boots or something!

I know im not the best looking person in the world but I keep up to date with fashion and although I can't afford most things I have up to date clothes.

I'm very good at football and I'm currently at a semi pro football club academy!

What do you think, will she give someone like me a chance if I ask her out? I'm expecting her to say no to be honest as she's possibly one of the best looking girls in he school.

I'm a year older than her and I'm in year 11 and she's in year 10.

All opinions welcome


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