How to ask a girl about deeper questions?

Been dating this girl for 3 weeks and we where talking last night about are past and family and stuff and she said she wanted to get to know more deeper... She said when we text we don't talk about that stuff we just talking the same things, I say the same things. Like good morning beautiful, hope you have a good day, how was your day. But she said it's not a big deal because when we see each other we talk anyways. How do I go about asking deeper questions? I gotta admit are txts are getting old , I just thought those where things we should talk about in person.


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  • Only deep people ask deep questions, and only deep people can actually receive and translate those questions.

    Everything in between is just bullshit and pretending.

    I'm not gonna lie by the way, I'm just projecting my shit on you. Went out on a date like 2 weeks ago and the girl was dumb as a brick.

  • Just go deep on her.

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