My boyfriend we been dating for 7 months going on 8. Does he really love me?

My boyfriend is 18 and I'm 14 . he doesn't show his feelings for me at all. but, he's been there for me a lot before and now that we r together. he told me he cares about me more than anyone else has. also, is really strict with me he made me stay away some people that just cause problems by talking shit about our relationship. My questions are does he love me?, y is he overprotective with me? And will we be together forever?


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  • I can't answer any of your questions but I can tell you the probability is not in your favor. who knows.

    • Is it because he has trust issues with me or he wants me to be his forever?

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    • unfortunately we'll never know unless he tells you.

    • Oh when u put it that way it sounds scary tho but I guess ur right tho

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