How do I make this girl come after me, waste of time?

I am not ashamed to admitt that i more than like this girl , she's a coworker and we are both going to college in less than a year , i've hung out with her few times we touched a little , had fun , talked a lot and even shared some intereseting and funny secrets, when i tried to take it to the next level she kind of refused and her excuse? she's leaving soon to college so its useless ( also most work places dont like coworkers dating ) but she did admitt that she likes me a lot , anyway we're friends and everything now so no weird or awkward situations, i've asked her and overheard other people asking her if she has a bf and she always says no... i like her to the point that i asked two other girls out ( and they refused , who the hell knows why ) just to forget her i dont even like these girls... i catch her looking at me sometimes and she enjoys being with me , but its not enough i want more of her and I don't know how, i've been trying to convince myself that she doesn't give a f*ck about me but its not wokring, how can i make her come to me without looking like i am chasing her? asking her out or anything similiar is a big no! she will definetly refuse


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  • Just ask her out


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