Is he just not that into me?

Okay so this guy in my class is super cute, we went out to lunch one day and have been texting a lot. He asked me on a date, and it was so much fun. He opened doors, paid for everything, etc etc, and he kissed me. At the end of the night we kissed more and he told me he definitely wants to see me again.
We haven't been texting much since the date but he's still really talkative and flirty in class (and he always asks me for help, not the other girls around him). He plays sports and he's had a few really big games recently- maybe he's busy. But I texted him asking if he wanted to come see my new place (I just moved) and he didn't respond for like a day saying he "thought he responded sooner" and that he's sorry. He didn't answer my question though so I've been playing it cool trying not to care.. Why would he still flirt in class if he's not gonna text me after? I'm confused but wanna see this guy again!

Ok so be texted me last night just to talk and today in class he kept making conversation with me. Would it be pushy to ask him to hang out again? I can't tell what he's thinking


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  • Just sounds like he's shy and he obviously likea you. Give in a nudge in the right direction

    • In fact I wouldn't say shy. He actually sounds like one of those guys who is trying to play it cool. Let him play his games but still give him that little nudge

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's waiting for you to ask him out on a date