Isn't it possable to make dating even better for women and worse for guys?

I mean it just doesn't suck enough. surely we can make it suck more for guys!

Holy crap people. It was intended as tongue in cheek. But you all got me- I'm a bitter motherfucker who hates all women and myself mostly. I also whine constantly.


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  • Sure, let's make it so if she isn't interested and she rejects you, you get arrested. Oh wait, we're basically there already.


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  • If you want then alright. We can do it like spiders and the girl can eat the boy after making out.

    • Doesn't matter, had sex

      The spiders eat their mate after having mated.

    • We can do it quicker and make it worse

  • Keep thinking this way and you'll have no more problems with dating because no woman wants to date a guy who whines and moans because his relationships have failed all due to the evil female ways! Frankly, you'd be doing us woman a service, so thanks! ;)


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  • I'm sure being a pussy and whining about how hard it is will really help your cause.

    • Intended as tongue in cheek.
      But who knows? Nothing else works. Maybe I should grow a beard. A guy with as much glory as you have, must be swimming in ladies!

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    • You're not*

    • I have no resentments.

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