Do I have to pretend I don't want a relationship in order to get a guy to want to be with me seriously?

All the girls i know are in relationships and they say they never wanted a relationship at first. The guys i know are with girls who were just sleeping around with them and didn't like them initially. Im so lost i hate being single I'm almost 21 and I've never been with anyone. Is this what I have to do I've always wanted to be in a relationship anything casual feels weird to me...


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  • First of all, I can tell that you are really desperate to get a boyfriend, and not just by your username. Secondly, you need not worry because you will eventually find one and when you do you know it'll be right because you didn't have to fake an emotion to find him. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and now all you have to do is go out more often, hang out with friends, and eventually you will find the right guy, regardless of whether or not you need to pretend to not wanna be in a relationship. Best of Luck!

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