Why are girls so insecure about these things?

- boob size
- butts
- flubber
- hair
- fashion sense

Honestly, I think I can safely say that most guys don't pay as much attention to that as you may think!
In my experience, I get asked questions about the above by so many girls, and I"ll be thinking "where did that just come from? I can't see why you'd have a problem with yourself on that, and even less so, why other people would"


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  • girls card about that stuff cos most of us are VAIN BITCHES.

    however not everyone is San din my opinion if you are worked up about that stuff then you are just looking for attention.
    I think that the reasons girls care about things like this is because most girls think that guys looks for girls with sexy bodies.
    This is because they live in films...
    If a girl us obsessed with their look just remind them you like them no matter how they look, (but only if you r dating them, otherwise it gives the wrong impression)
    Hope this helps


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  • We are insecure about that stuff because that's all the media care about. We get insecure about our bodies because it's being forced upon us that we have to block like a supermodel in order to be pretty. I'm sure some guys feel that way sometimes, but it doesn't affect them as much because girls are more sensitive.

  • honestly, i think i can safely say that most guys do care about boob size, butts, and flubber. hair and fashion probably doesn't matter.

    • Yeh? I got blown off for telling a girl "You've got lovely hair. I think curls would suit you too."

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    • You're Too Young To Know What Guys Really Think And Feel On The Subject!
      I Have Had This Conversation Numerous Times Online And With Friends Over The Years, Guys Do Not Care...
      Yes, There Are Guys Who Want The Playboy Type, But Those Guys Are In A Small Minority.

    • Don't bring your old ass on a site for younger people and throw around your age like that means anything 😂😂😂😂😂 you on the same site I'm on.

      If no guys cared about any of that shit and only cared about the way theyre treated then I know a lot of girls who would be dating/engaged/married.


  • Girls are insecure about these physical aspects of their body because it is what is projected most in the media. Girls feel as though they should have have big boobs, a rather large butt ( not Kim Kardashian big, but you know what I mean), tiny frame ( like a model) and the cutest clothes. Now that I think about it, it's not so much to impress and feel wanted by the guys, it's more of a way to accept yourself and feel confident.

    • That's largely correct. How would you feel about rejecting the standards portrayed by the media?

    • I personally do not fall in line with these standards set in place by the media. Of course I want to be thin and fit, yet have that something extra, however, my life doesn't abide by it. I don't live to be like these people because I know who I am and I know who I want to be, and it's not a follower. Personally, I was able to overcome this obstacle because I developed a strong level of confidence, but it's really hard for most girls.

    • That's an incredibly attractive mindset, and I'm glad you picked that up at an early age. You could teach many women in their 30s a thing or two.

  • It's true. Guys don't notice about 80% of the effort most women put into their looks. That's why I stop trying :) just chillin in blue jeans and tee shirts these days, I excercise but not for men, just for myself. It makes me feel good. And never worn makeup but... twice? So we aren't all worked up about Those things, I could care less what a guy thinks of me. However I did used tone a self concious person, but I grew up. Learned to accept who I am.

  • i agree with @lemonlimetime

  • Good question. We just want everything to be perfect.


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  • I think the mass media image of the ideal is mostly to blame. It makes it worse that they cheat with photoshop and that these people in the public eye aren't normal people; they can afford dietitians, personal trainers, dermatologists, makeup artists and hair stylists etc.

    • I think the question is, why do they want to be the women that are portrayed in the media? Is it a cry to be "the best" and not "yourself", or to receive as much attention as the rich and famous?

    • I don't think they want to be them, I think they want to be like them... models, some celebs etc are put on a pedestal and presented as desirable... everybody wants to be desired to some extent. Images of these desirable folks are pretty much unavoidable these days, this causes a lot of women to draw comparisons between themselves and these images.

  • Media and peers mainly
    same applies to men on certain aspects

    But yeah to answer ya question, media is a large portion of body image problems as it promotes extremes.

  • Especially thigh gaps, like damn chill out ladies.. :L