What is it ok to hope for in a man? What's reasonable and realistic?

I hear so much about lowering expectations. That a man ought to love you more. That sexually attractive husbands aren't reliable, but that emotional support that a female friend would supply is asking too much. That men don't want to listen to you, aren't good at domestic duties and may not be socially skilled. That they mostly want sex and being taken care of, but that you shouldn't want them to be sexy or do anything for you in return. Etc. Much of this commentary comes from men, too?

So what IS there to hope for realistically?


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  • I'd like to know the answer to that too.


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  • I am consistently astonished at the entitled attitude of women today. As a whole, women have sunk to the lowest level ever in terms of female standards... women are essentially not women anymore. And yet they still feel entitled to a wonderful man who will love them unconditionally, take care of their every need, listen while they go on and on, earn good money AND take care of "domestic duties", as you say. Do you seriously not see what's wrong with this picture?

    • It could go for women, too... I just don't date women. What is there even to hope for in a partner these days?

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    • There are plenty of good men out there, but you can't expect to get one if you are not a good woman.

      Women have plenty of problems today but one of the biggest is an incredible negativity toward men. Honestly, when I read your rant you reminded me of so many women I've met who are just so negative that NO man is going to want anything to do with them. In many of those cases I have known the men they are whining about and they were good guys... those women are just never happy and wouldn't be satisfied with him no matter what.

      Those women invariably end up blaming men for their problems when in fact it is their own nastiness and entitlement problems that are responsible for their failure with men.

      On the bright side, I know a lot of couples who are very happily married or in committed relationships. There's plenty of reason for hope if you have the right attitude, are not saturated with negativity toward the opposite sex and aren't extremely entitled.

    • It seems like dating advice makes it sound nearly impossible! Maybe that's just so you buy more?

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  • Whatevwr you want and whatever you're looking for is reasonable