Insulted my bf's bro (best friend)Will we be OK?

Bf already had a bad day people have been putting him down yesterday we had and argument so he's stressed as is. He always has said "Never insult family or that will upset me more than anything" we were trying to have a better day today and than he sent me a picture box him and his friend. I basically card his friend ugly saying aww.. oh yeah I'm definitely glad to have you.. he said what? I repeated and than he said He thought that's what I meant/said. I said it was a compliment to you. He said you took one look at my bro/friend and judged him. I told you don't fuck with family Followed by ttyl. I told him I didn't mean to insult.. Just wanted him to take the compliment... But.. instead now I'm a bad person :( Last thing he said is told me again don't put down family And that he will talk to me later after being away from people... I text him saying I know I was wrong My mom raised me better And that I knew that's his bro and a great guy... but now I'm pretty stressed... feel terrible... extremely terrible... Do you think he will break up over this?


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  • Why would you even say that... if I was the friend it would make me said that my best friends' gf thinks that of me. I think you should apologize to your bf's best friend. I don't think you are a terrible person but you shouldn't have said that. I hope you don't really think he is ugly.. because I have been in kind of the same situation and it really affected me to know that a person who close to my friend could possibly think that about me.

    • I mean yes my bf is more attractive on the outside but as a person he's a nice guy. I already did apologize to bf I shouldn't have said that. I'm not a heartless person like that it just came out. I have no personal contact with his friend so all I can really do is tell bf I'm genuinely sorry because I am. Im not perfect but looks really aren't everything I was just concerned he'd break up with me cuz now were not talking :( I dont want his friend to hate me or him :(

    • "Looks really aren't everything." This makes me think differently about women. This question has really opened my eyes to the way women really think. Why judge him on his looks? Just goes to show that no matter how good of a person one can be it doesn't matter because people will always judge you based on your physical appearance and if you are ugly or not. In my honest opinion I don't think are really that sorry for what you said because you believe it. I think you are more sorry because it affected your relationship with your boyfriend. I don't know if you have ever been judged on your appearance or ever been called ugly by a friend but it doesn't feel good at all. I hope your boyfriend is able to forgive you and I hope all three of you can move past this. There was a better way to tell your boyfriend you like his looks than to put down his friend. This question makes me think looks are everything. It really reminded me of my exgirlfriend.

    • Actually yes I do feel bad and yes I have been bullied all through school I say "looks really aren't everything" Because I know a lot of people date based on looks and I'm not one to do that. I've never dated a guy for his wallet or looks. I'd like to befriend my bfs friend. Made that bad statement though. I didn't straight up say your friends really fuckin ugly.. No but yes I could've said oh you guys look like you're having fun etc instead of what I did it was wrong and I've been in that position before. I hope we can move past it too. Because honestly he's called me cute before and than I said that so yes I feel like crap. I'd like to make amends I just hope he can forgive me. Especially his friend. Because honestly one day I'd like to befriend him but.. after this worries me that it'll be more unlikely. Its very unfortunate that I don't have contact with his friend.. because I want him to hear straight from me that I am sorry.

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