Okay it been on my mind for while now and I just have to ask. No judging?

I'll be 18 this year just to get that out of the way. So what's been on my mind you ask? Well... It's this guy I think in so cute. He doesn't go to my school but I see him a couple of time when I go to his school for a class I have there. I just want to at least talk to him or something. Here is what I haven't told you... He is one of the teachers at the school. So to my question is it okay for me to talk to him? Would he get in trouble? I mean we don't go to the same school, he is not my teacher, and he is not married (I checked). If it wouldn't get him in trouble then how do I start the conversation?


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  • There is nothing wrong in just a conversation.
    According to me there is never a best way to start a conversation. Just be confident, don't hesitate just because he is a teacher. (don't go out of limit - for the first time)


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