Do shy girls end conversations because they're uncomfortable even if they like you?

There's girl this I have a crush on. I've tried talking to to her multiple times. She seemed really happy to talk to me and excited I approached her but at the same time she will try and end the conversation quickly. She'll end it then say see you in class. Is she not interested or just nervous so she ends it?


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  • Yup and they don't have to be shy, they could just be why around you.

    I've done this like I to make sure I leave early before I'm ready or end a convo when I still want to talk bc I'm feeling stressed bc I like the guy and I want to get away before I mess it up:)


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  • I was like that with a guy I liked x) I was too shy to even continue chatting and he would try to get too close e. e haha.

    • If he kept talking and getting closer what would you do?

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    • Both reactions seem extremely similar. Is the only difference you might be smiling and blushing if you like the guy.

    • Yeah they are pretty similar, but the difference being in that, if I liked the guy I wouldn't try to offend him by just running away without saying anything ever again, I would say something while blushing and giggling/smiling from just being near him and the fear of saying something stupid and end up embarrasing myself. X)
      It's something we shy girls do, we can't help it. Of course we'll try and try to keep talking x)

  • Yes, absolutely. I do this all the time & prob come off as a bitch. Even though im screaming inside

    • Should I try to extend the conversations and slow play it. Or just ask her out for coffee. There is a star bucks on campus.

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    • Most likely, but whats worse: rejection or regret?

    • Thanks I'll keep that in mind. :)

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