What should I do in this situation?

So I am seeing this guy. The problem is he have no job, no money, no car, and he lives with his aunt. We are both in our early 20s so its understandable. But his goal is to become a rapper and he already have a mixtape. He treats me well and say even though he don't have much, he will at least make an effort to. But I feel like this isn't going anywhere. What is your opinion on this?


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  • To be Honest, ideally i would ask myself what I wanted, of course being treat well is top priority, but you also don't live in dreamland, we need these things to make a living, you need to see that he can be stable on his own, or with the help. I would want him at least to have a job, whilst entertaining the idea of being a rapper, he can be devoted to both, whilst still supporting himself somewhat. It won't go anywhere, if you you don't see a future with him, he's not even attempting to have a realistic future to be honest, he can't just fall back on the dream of being a rapper, and personally, it's unappealing, he needs to have a plan B. But then again.. it's your decision, and if you think you could be happy with that then by all means, but know what you deserve.