Shy Guys Vs Confident Guys. Which one takes the cake and which one stands last?

What makes a shy guy more unappealing than a confident guy? What makes a confident guy more approachable than a shy guy? Is it true that shy guys refuse to tell a girl he likes her verses a guy who has a full engine to ask or talk to every single, attractive, beautiful women that he sees from every angle? what makes shy guys and condifent guys different from each other and why does it makes them different?


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  • Neither , they both have their charms but the "shy guys" staying inside their rooms being shut-ins all the time surely isn't helping the world "realize" what they have to offer when compared to the outgoing types who are always "out-there".

    So nah.
    Also... say whaaat?
    Shy guys can't be confident now?
    I mean , I'm pretty shy (no yes , stop laughing , I am) but I'm also quite confident in my own abilities.

    SO FUUUUCCCCK the stereotypes.


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  • I like shy guys, not confident guys. I am dealing with a shy guy right now and it's so adorable because he acts like I would if I were in his shoes. I am actually really nervous and shy around cute guys, but this time I feel like I have take the reigns in this situation and I am okay with that. Confident guys actually make me uncomfortable because I don't like guys that easily or right away so chances are I would shut him down real fast.

    Shy guys just seem to be more my type because I am an introvert. I also know from first hand experience that once you get to know someone, they can be a completely different person. You just have to take the time to get to know them. People are always surprised when I start opening up because I am like a whole new person.

  • Confident ones will always win. Shy guys may be kind of cute but I think they lose plenty of opportunities because of their shyness.

  • I like a confident guy no matter what. :P shy guys are cute though. Confident guys know what they do which makes them better than shy guys, in my point of view.


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  • Black guys who like watermelon and chicken and have big lips

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