Work place crush on a younger guy?

Hi guys I need some advice please I am a 30 year old girl and have a crush on a guy at work who is only 23 (we work in an office). We have worked together for a couple of years (in different departments), I always noticed he was cute but wasn't really interested because I thought he was too young - the past couple of months he's looking more grown up and I have started liking him more! I don't really know him all that well we only have a bit of small talk every now and again but I feel like a school girl with a crush it's crazy lol. I've been flirting with him lately and he seems to be talking to me more often (not sure if he's just being friendly). Just want some opinions on 1. the fact that it is such a big age gap, 2. we work in the same office and 3. What should I do? (by the way I do look very young for my age I usually get told I look around 25 sometimes younger - not sure if that makes a difference!) Thanks so much :)


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  • He is a consenting adult and you are a consenting adult and the age gap really is not that large if you think about it.

    If you like him then make it happen but remember that if things go south you could have a very difficult work environment to go into on a daily basis.

    Weigh up the risks and if you feel it is worth it then invite him out for coffee/drinks/dinner and get to know him. If he likes you he may think like you do that someone who is 30 would not be interested in him. He may also not want to flirt openly or ask you out as he is at work and may be worried about any potential consequences.


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  • Hell ya... go for it!!!