Why do I feel like this? Black girl problems?

I feel like no one likes black girls especially ones that look like me. Unless I put out or don't act ethnic. (If I "act white" then I'm viewed higherl I'm really classy but I like to have fun to. I get put down constantly for my features but see other ethnic woman praised for it which most of them purchased. My outer appearance has nothing to do with my character. And if I hear another fucking black person say they don't date black people. It really upsets me when blacks tear each other apart and praise others. It's getting to the point where I feel resentment towards others because of their own ethnic and what I've been through. I don't want to live my life bitter or racist (because i'm not) but I just don't understand it about myself. Am I making sense? Please help. I think about this every time I see the Kardasians.


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  • As a fellow black person, it makes my blood boil when I hear other black people saying "I don't date black guys / girls".

    It's rather strange to not want to be open, to dating people who have shared a common life experience and cultural traits.

    I can't stand self haters. They need to break the chains of mental slavery in their brains. :-(


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  • There is nothing wrong with you just be proud of yourself and your beauty. There's nothing wrong with being educated which is what ignorant people call a "sell out" or "acting white". Pay no attention to people who give no recognition to blacks because they put us down but then go out and collect features we are born with and call it Beautifull. But you also shouldn't hate or dislike a black person because they don't like to date blacks they just have a preference. Whites do the same I know a couple of white guys that don't want to date white women and they get ridiculed for wanting to date outside their race

    • I don't believe in preference. How can one person filter when they haven't seen every person of that thing they're filtering out. I don't care what racevit is doing it. Js

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    • Yeah i'm talking about people who've never dated or let one bad apple symbolize a whole race.

    • Yeah I think they're ignorant assholes but going to what you were saying about the kardasians they are the worst they make women look bad. All they are is just pretty but bring nothing else to the plate they might do other things now for themselves but they used their looks to get by. Women of all color work hard to be seen as equal and Try to live of work and value instead of being picked cuz they're eye candy.

  • Lots of guys of all races out there are attracted to black girls, including myself as a white guy. Don't listen to the media, I don't think the Kardashians are all that great as they are portrayed to be.

  • I have a question did you ever consider moving to a black majority society and just shutting off the rest of the world? How can you expect others to accept you if you don't want to accept yourself?

    • I live in DC
      "Chocolate city" yet none of the black men I've tried to date give me the same "I don't date black girls" answer.
      I love myself and being black. Took me a long time to love it but I wouldn't chose anything better.
      That doesn't mean I still don't get upset at this type of stuff.

    • that sounds nice.

  • I dont know why black guys dont like blck girls, But im a white guy and like black girls?, Weird huh xD.


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  • There are guys in every race that like black women, some of them think that black women dont like them so they don't try. In my personal experience I found that men from other races appreciate black beauty will some black men will put down anything that's natural. It really just depends on the guy, some like black girls some dont I got rejected because of being black but I moved on. It's impossible for a whole race to be unnatractive or for every guy to think that way, if so then we would all be single but that's clearly not true, theirs women like Lupita Nyong'o who has been in realationships and seen as beautiful.

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