Why has she not answered my message?

I've been divorced for two years and have been dating on and off and have had two relationships, but have not fallen in love. Lately I've set my eyes on a lovely lady, but I think I came on too strong with my Valentine's message. It was a Power Point with orchides that I did, mostly about friendship and how happy I was to have her in my eyes. I know I should have waited, but I wanted to be bold. We've known each other as acquaintances for a year, but have started dating in the last two weeks. I'm afraid I drove her away and so I will keep away. I really can't see the point in apologizing because I basically didn't do anything terrible. I simply acted on impulse and in retrospect I know that was a mistake. Did I lose her interest for ever? I hope not, but if I did, at least I tried.

Why has she not answered me? I need feedback because something new has come up. I remembered yesterday I had promised last Thursday to send some pics I took of her during a party and I did. She thanked me and we chatted very briefly wishing each other a nice week end. I'm not sure how to read this, but it was my idea to give her the space for I can easily see her during karate. Instead I'll travel to see some friends. Is she just being polite by answering, but doesn't want to see me again?


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  • It's possible the "friendship" part made her think you weren't that serious. Even though it was a generous gift - you took the time to create something for her - it wasn't exactly a bunch of flowers if you get my meaning. You should have sent her some flowers with a card and left it at that. I don't think you have driven her away but I think she's disappointed by what you did as opposed to it being too "strong".

    • Nice comment. Thank you! The flowers where I live is tricky. She is an amazing technologist so I thought an audiovisual would excite her and help keep the dating going. We happen to do karate together every weekend so I'm sure we will run into each other. We work on campus, but I always avoid going to her building unless I absolutely have to. The disappointment part sounds interesting, but I'm not sure what to conclude from that. Best is to see what she does after karate class.

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    • No I don't think that she wasn't being polite to be polite. I think there is a lot of confusion existing between you - all of this unspoken stuff hovering between you. I think you should just be more direct with her and ask her what she thought of the Valentine's gift. I would also ask her if you have done something to make her feel uncertain of you or your intentions. I think she is hesitant as she it's perhaps all a bit too much too soon. The relationship just needs restarting from square one again but with the rules being better defined between you. Good luck with it.

    • Thank you! Your comment is great. I know the chemistry has been there all along and so definitley I will talk to her next weekend after karate. She always seems very sensual and happy when I comment on the magic of having her in front of me or when I tell her she is a star, a real glowing star. I think the attraction is mutual.

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