If you had an argument with your date, would you make the first move to beak the silence?

I would.. I don't see the point of leaving things ambiguous or not resolving issues.. Unless the differences were legitimately irreconcilable.


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  • If it was my fault then yes. If it was dumb, yes. If he offended me (and he would know it) then no, he saves himself

    • What if he didn't mean to offend you?

    • All he would have to do is apologize and the date is fine, no big deal. The thing of it is, is it's kind of a hint of how the relationship is going to go. If he can't own up to his own actions, then you can't get passed an argument. That's how I see it anyway.

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  • Yeah i would. id be blunt with my date. call it like you see it. but i wouldn't advise bickering at each other.


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  • I always want to clear the air but if she's not worth it like some blind date girl I just want to move on ASAP

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