Thats was from 4 years ago - I didn't love any girl after , she maybe forgot me but I didn't and I still love her so so much :/ - can anyone help me?

i loved girl so much even when i was with her i couldn't think about anything , i was so Unbalanced when i look at her - but i did mistake - i told my friends that she told me that she in love with me but she didn't and when she knew , she maybe hated me


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  • U screwed up.. So move on. Nothing good is going to come about for both of u if u carry this forward any longer... Ull end up as a psychomaniac or something... Thr are lots of girls out thr... go out there and search for the right girl... Leave this poor girl alone... I'm begging... Pleeeeaaaasssse just move on with ur life

    • thank's for helping but i can't get her out of my head , even i rarely to see her now

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    • I've seen my own frndz screwup thr own life and career over one girl and later regret it.. U r still young and thr is a whole world out there for u to accomplish something in ur life... Go and do that

    • :) :)

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