So I'm falling for someone. What next?

I'm finding myself falling for a girl in my class. We aren't friends per say, but we know each other well enough. In the past I've often dismissed my emotions on any subject and have been learning to embrace how i feel.

In the past I've made some wrong turns when it comes to telling friends/acquaintances how I feel...

so I'm asking you guys who you'd react in this position and if you were my friend/on the other side how you'd like the other person to react

okay. I'm there. Even touching ( no hugging though), but she's so hot and cold :/


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  • When I like a girl I ask her if she wants to go out and they nearly always know that I mean date and therefore I am interested.

    I do not tend to confess my fondness for a girl because I do not like revealing the cards closet to my chest immediately, rather I like to reveal them slowly and only when I am sure I have a winning deck.

    • i'm thinking of waiting it out too, but I don't want to wait too long

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    • You deserved it. you reminded me that not knowing is a lot worse than "what if"

    • I agree, there is nothing worse than what if. It is far better to have a life with minimal regret than a lot.

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  • Next... you approach her and flirt.

    • We talk. Does that count?

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    • Said it with a joking tone.

    • I'll do that

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  • Start being more flirty with her, tease her a bit. Make her laugh.
    Also in terms of the hug, next time you see her just go for it, I hope you know how to give a meaningful hug (tight squeeze at least 3 secs etc...)

    • I tease ( very sarcastic with each other) , She laughs. Even one of my mates suggested that she was macking on me (I didn't prompt him). I'll try the hug thing :/

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    • Find out... if she flirts back or wants to spend time with you it shows a bit more than a regular friend comfort.

    • i'll do that

  • Umm well your older than me so this opinion isn't really going to help since I have less experience with girls. But here it goes. You can't get anywhere without trying. If you don't ask her out, You will never no what she felt. And you could of missed a huge opportunity. So I'd encourage you to ask her out. I wish you the best of luck. :->

    • Thank you. Age doesn't always bring wisdom lol

    • Your welcome. Good luck with your lady.