Girls that try to control every aspect of a guys life?

Okay so, I have heard multiple guy friends say "she tries to control everything in my life"(referring to their gf's), I've had two ex bf's tell me "I try to control everything in their life"... and I just want to understand what that means exactly because, I think men and women are on two different pages about that.
How I see it personally: whenever I ask you to stop texting a girl because, she IS flirting with you and because I have enough respect for you that if a guy is flirting with me I'm not going to continue to talk to him...
Whenever one of your friends is blatantly rude to me and is trying to get you to make online dating profiles, go on double dates with him etc. etc. and I express how I feel by saying I don't really like you hanging out with him because reasons stated above...
Whenever you're lying to me about stuff I have proof of and I ask you to tell me the truth...
Whenever I allow you to use my car while yours is in the shop and I ask you not to have your dog in my car...(You do anyway though so, now my car is all muddy and smells terrible)
And in general just doing things that I see as a problem and me asking you to not or expressing my concern...

Please explain how this is me being controlling, if it really is I will have no problem reevaluating my actions because, if my "control issue" is the problem I'll have no trouble fixing it.


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  • It goes along with a saying that says that
    Men get in relationships hoping women stay the same while women get in relationships seeing a potential to eventually change the man.

    However that doesn't apply to your scenario, you're being fair from what I've read but I'm guessing this guy just doesn't want to be told what to do even when he's in the wrong.


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  • Yeah they suck

    • Lol, okay so you would agree that I have a control issue because, of some of the things I've listed above?

  • Sounds reasonable to me but it's only ever one side of the story. None of my girlfriends have given a shit, depending on how I look at it I could see that as a good thing or a bad thing. lol


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  • Respect Period. You are asking for respect and you deserve that.