What's your opinion on tinder-ing when you are in the beginning phases of dating?

So I actually met this girl on tinder and we actually really hit it off. We have been going out at least once a week for a month now, sometimes twice. She has spent the night at my place and we did Valentine's day together too (low key, no gifts or anything).

BUT we have never talked about what we are and the other day I was bored and with out thinking started using tinder again. I just think of it as a game to be honest, I never thought I would meet someone this awesome through it, but when I was playing again this time, I was def not looking for matches, it was just because I was bored. Do you think she would be upset if she saw I was on? She was last on like 3 weeks ago after our second date.


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  • You haven't discussed being 'official' yet right?

    • Nope, no such thing.

    • She has dropped some hints like 'your the tallest guys I have dated' or something, and I think we are pretty much dating, but I was gonna wait a week or two more before I bring it up.

    • Then I don't see an issue with it. If you're exclusive then yes, however, right now your just dating without being exclusive. I wouldn't feel guilty for tindering :)

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  • It isn't a game and as you said if she is awesome do you really want to mess it up going on tinder if she happens to pop on to delete it see's you been on it this could cause her to loose trust in you. Stick with what you got before you mess it up.

    • Well when I got it was kind of a mistake, like I didn't even realize. But once I was there I said what ever and just went with it. But you think this early in she would take it pretty negatively if she saw it?

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