How to get him to express attraction to me more?

I was friends with this guy for 2 years before we started dating. He rarely compliments my looks but when he does its over text and says I'm gorgeous. The problem is he will mention how celebrities are hot when he is with me, but never really compliments me that way. I want to hear that he's attracted to me sometimes in a physical way. I don't feel like he's attracted to me except when we have sex because he said I'm the first girl he hasn't lasted long with. He said once that I'm the most attractive girl he's dated, but that is all he has ever said.

I am not trying to sound conceited, but I know I am very attractive and I put effort into looking nice for him and it would be nice to have him acknowledge it. Is there a way to let him know that this is something I need to feel close to him? I tried to tell him that I don't like when guys tell their girlfriends other women are hot when they don't even say it about their girlfriends and he blew it off.


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  • Tell him to compliment you more

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