I think I'm falling in love with my best friends boyfriend and I can't seem to stop?

awhile ago my best friends boyfriend added me on QQ, we started chatting and I asked my bf about him, she told me she doesn't care for him and asked me to get him off her back (this is something we do when one of us is getting stalked). So I started insinuating sexual behavior, I didn't know he was... a virgin and had never had experience with a girl in anyway. the problem is that between him teaching me chinese, chatting, and videochatting, I'm the one who began to develop feelings for him! He has asked me if I love him, and I always say no, because I don't believe in love, but I have admitted to desiring him, which he also admitted to me and we've um sexted a couple of times. He says he loves my bf but he can't seem to stop himself from coming back to me and I've never felt for anyone the way that he makes me feel, not just sexually. I'm happy when I see him and I like to make him smile. This wouldn't be a problem if he was just a long distance relationship (china/mexico) but He's coming in 2 months to visit my bf. she already has someone and I don't want to see him get his heart broken, and I don't want to get mine broken in the process. wtf do I do?


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  • Try and distance yourself for a while
    If you are still falling for him
    It's time to fess up to your mate