So confused right now, what do I do?

Me and this girl have been developing a weird relationship for a month now. We dont know eachother very well but we both like eachother a lot... we only meet once or twice a week when we both go out with friends. We have kissed every time we meet for a month, but, as I said, we dont know eachother well. Yesterday we met again and I took her to a place where we could be alone and we started talking. She says she likes me a lot but has feelings for someone she shouldn't feel anything. She still likes a guy who treated her like shit. When we kissed this time she was different, she was more passionate kissing me and she even moaned and was breathing heavily. After we kiss she says I have to forget her and that I am too good for her and that she doesn't deserve me and wants me to meet someone good enough and I was shocked, told her she was the only person who deserved what I was giving her but she still insisted. She kissed me on the forehead and we started going back to our friends and I called her and asked her if she wanted me to forget her or wanted to start from scratch so we could get to know eachother well and slowly and she said she wanted to know me and kissed me again with a huge smile on her face. When she was leaving she said "see you later stranger" with the same happy look. I was like wtf does she want after all? Do I forget her? I dont want to do that obviously... or should I just go take it easy with her and get to know her?


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  • Take it easy, her feelings for the other guy isn't just going to disappear

    • Thats what I was thinking about but we talked today and she says that she was confused and that she only thought she like me because of what her friends were telling her and said that only likes me as a friend... it is the third time she asks us to be jusy friends but always ends up coming back to me... i think this time she won't come back only time will tell... thank you for your answer :)

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    • Yeah I am a bit inexperienced with girls and when she said that to me i felt good but the when i was telling it to my older brothers they said she used me and laughed at me lool

    • Well, your brothers are right. I lied to myself way too goddamn long too and gave too many people the benefit of the doubt only to have them continuously prove me wrong. Most people are the same. Most people who say "I would never do that" are only saying that because it's a fucking conversation, and in fact, that's exactly what the fuck they'd do. They're liars, and fakes, and I understand now why Charlie Manson wanted these people to die.

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  • Good job. You gave her a romantic fantasy for the rest of her life, so she doesn't need you anymore and went back to the asshole. Never give a woman what she wants unless she's dating you already for this very reason, and then they'll tell you there's nothing wrong with what she did either. Fuck women

    • she isn't dating the other guy and he doesn't give a shit about her so she's not going back to anyone... ill just leave her alone for now, she has asked us to be just friends 3 times but never asked me to forget her...

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    • you are right, i won't do anything about her its better for me too

    • bro, 2 years have passed and you were spot on hahahah I am back at this website because of the SAME girl!! She just makes me so confused but this time I think I got the upper hand. 2 years ago she did end up dating the other guy again but I think she is trying to crawl back to me for some fun (which I am 101% OK with)

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  • I think she's an asshole.

    • Well I was surprised when I found that out, was just minutes ago lol

  • Well, I think you should move on, go out with friends, do your thing, keep yourself busy, dont pay attention to her and by this I dont mean ignore her, act like it was nothing to you, keep your schedule busy, have some friends (with benefits if possible) she will crawl back easy. I have been recently in that situation and thats what I did, things haven't sorted out but are moving in a good way, try it out bro :)

    • Yeah I was thinking about ignoring her but @M_A_X already told me not to, I am just not sure if I still remain her friend and pretend nothing happened between us or just act as if she is someone I know but isn't a friend

    • Well yeah, it is tough to act like nothing happened, I feel you man, its a hard spot to be, but if you keep your head busy, you will find it easier to deal with, when I was in that situation, I started playing football everyday, started hanging out with friends and girl friends, even with her around and that caught her attention, she needs to fell like she doesn't have you in the palm of her hand, that she can't control you. Keep a smile on your face and everything will work out, if it doesn't, then keep that smile and keep busy and everything will be fine! Im rooting for you man! ;)

    • Thanks man, I really needed help on this moment