Why do I keep running into this problem with women?

It seems like every time I flirt then, try to ask a girl out she is either already has a boyfriend or is married. I always feel like I have the worst luck with women. I need help and advice?


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  • Well watch for a wedding ring to weed out the married ones. Girls have to do this as well with married men.

    As for the boyfriends, the only way to get around that is to ask out more women. Women like relationships, that's pretty certain, so a good number will be in them. But there are plenty who are not (I'm not). So you just need to ask more.

    • Ok I will try. Any other suggestions/tips?

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    • Ok thank you so much I will try even hard to clean my self up!

    • Glad I could be of help and thanks for not taking that last opinion offensively. It was only meant to be honest and helpful!

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  • I know the same feeling... I've been in a rut like that before! Make sure to look for wedding bands on fingers.

    Also, don't let a girl saying she "has a boyfriend" , or "seeing someone ", make u immediately stop your pursuit. You have NO IDEA what is going on in someone else's relationship.

    They could have gotten back together after taking a break, and the relationship is pretty much over.

    She could be in an abusive relationship and looking to leave him for someone else.

    He could be deployed to basic training in a weeks, and decided to mutually end the relationship when he leaves.


    Don't make the mistake many young guys make, and be too "goody two shoes" with asking girls out and they mention another guy. Who cares? That's not your problem, or your business.

    YOUR business is on waiting HER, and It's up to HER to reject YOU!

    Don't reject yourself, and take yourself out of the running prematurely.

  • Maybe the only women who are receptive to your flirting are already in relationships. Maybe what you provide them with is what they're missing in their relationships, but still not enough to build a relationship on. Try a different approach to the whole thing.

  • That shouldn't stop you! lol

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