What does a guy feel or mean when he kisses?

when a guy is not going out with you, but hangs out with you flirts with you and talks to you a lot and he kisses you now and asks questions like how would it be if you two were going out. but tells the girl not to really talk about it with others. like to his his sister. what does that mean? what is he trying to get? what does it mean when the guy kisses you ?

  • He likes the girl
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  • He just wants to hit it and quit it
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  • He is confused
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oh and he has a girl that he never really sees anymore because she lives in a different state
and says he isn't sure he wants to be with her
if you choose other please explain


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  • He is not that into you/her. He wants no one to know because he probably already have a girl. Think about it, why would he care who you/her tell, most girls talk to their friends about their relationships just as boys do. So, why make it known that he don't want certain people to know. It's some s**t in the game but don't get played! A kiss to a guy that you are not dating is first base and in baseball, what is the object of the game... to go all da way! Much love & best wishes!

    • Well the guy told me to not really mention to his sister I have been hanging out with him. but he tells me if you want to tell her go for it. and he does kind of have a girl but he is in a bad situation with her right now and she lives in another contry so he only sees her once a year or less.

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    • Thank you it really helped me out.

    • Anytime sweetie!