Does first love always stay with you?

Well it has been 4 years since I broke up with my ex (first love), we had 2 years that we were treating each other really bad, and eventually, we became goodfriends, last year, I had a great boyfriend, but we broke up, personal issues, I'm still crazy about him, and I still hope we would end up together, but just sometimes, ever since me and my first broke up, I always wanted him to keep loving me, well not always, just sometimes, and other times I'm just so proud of our friendship now, when I had my new boyfriend he was always trying to make him jealous by mentioning me, and it confuses me cause he totally likes my bestfriend's twin, is it just a feeling a person always have for their first, or something more!
Cause no I'm not in love with both of them !!!


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  • Clearly you still have feelings for the first.

    First love doesn't mean anything. Love is love. It comes and goes. There is no significance to it.


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