Is it absolutely the best decision to NOT spend ALL your time together in a new relationship?

New relationship and getting serious fast. We knew eachother back in college.

We want to spend all our time together. Actually, I want to a bit less than him. But feel I should push myself...

I worry if I don't see him all the time that things won't be as great as they could. Or ruin the foundation.

Is it truly always best to limit time? I mean to a few times a week. 3 usually, maybe Friday Saturday and Sunday and a weeknight? 4 at most? That feels like a LOT...


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  • Not really. Everyone goes at their own pace. sometimes falling in love is just easy and you can't wait to see one another again. but if you both think you need some time away to reevaluate your relationship, there isn't a problem with that at all. Just remember that spending time with friends is just as rewarding as spending time together. Sometimes you need to let your legs stretch a little.

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