Good pick-up lines on dating websites?

What do I say to besides "hi" that would make a girl reply to me


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  • Read her profile and try to use the information to relate to her. If she likes movies say something like "hi I noticed you like movies too. Do you have a favorite movie or genre?" That way you've shown you care about and share her interests AND you've started a conversation.


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  • "If you were a transformer, you'd be called Optimus-FINE"
    "Are you a beaver... cause DAMN!"
    "I won't go down in history, but I'd go down on you"

    ... yeah I have no life

  • Never use a pick up line if you actually want to pick up a girl! If you want to stand out though you can always look at her profile and find a common interest or something in common and message them about that.
    For me if you just say hi you'd probably get a reply, but I never reply to guys who use pick-up lines and I don't think most girls do, and I try to reply to everyone, so if I don't even reply to pick-up lines your chances aren't that good, although the rare girl is probably out there.

  • "Hey, how's life?"


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