Guys and Girls, would you do the same thing if you were in his position?

Alright, so my good friend was dating her boyfriend for 9 months and they were really getting serious. Since they were getting serious, she told him that she's had a past of depression and self harm when she was 15 years old. She showed him her scars, which were on her thighs. And he said that he needed time to process it. He didn't talk to her for a week and ended up breaking up with her. My question is for all the guys and girls. Would you actually break up with your Significant Other because they committed self harm in their past? He's 26 and she is 21, by the way. When do you suggest that anyone should come clean about their past of self harm? right away, Never, or Later in the relationship? Thanks (:

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  • The way I am reading your post the self harm was 6 years ago ( give a little or take a lil) . I do not think he was completely fair in what he did as far as ending it over her distant past. I do feel that it should have been brought into the light from the start ( within the first month ) . That's a tought bite to chew on I am sure.

    • Yeah I agree with telling him earlier but It seems like people run away from people who have/had problems in the past. So I know what she was thinking when she didn't want to tell tell him right away.

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    • Some people just don't know how or are not able to handle it when they find out that someone has had such a rough past. So rather than being a supporter they find it more convenient to bolt , run for the hills or what ever. It's a hard reality to be honest that it was possable someone like him that caused her to do such a sad thing to her own body.

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  • Personally I wouldn't break up with them.

    But I can understand his side, that kinda thing can be terrifying to someone on the outside who has not experienced it before.

  • I think in that point in your relationship when your getting serious you just move past things like that especially since its not a problem anymore so I dont agree with what he did.


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  • I made a very serious suicide attempt when I was like 13.
    I don't go around announcing it.
    But yeah I think everyone that knows me, knows about that.
    You just have to weigh and balance information like that.
    Some people it might just freak them out.
    So, don't blame them too much.
    Today, I would never consider doing anything like that, ever.
    My dad was soo crushed.
    I am fucking tearing up about what I did, right now.

  • no. but I also wouldn't bring up past issues.

    • She has to tell at some point. The scars aren't going to leave on their own, and it'd be much better for her to tell him than for him to find out on her own.

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    • ^ typo, I meant "it'd be much better for her to tell him than for him to find out on his own."

    • I would wait and explain when they were noticed then.

  • I absolutly wouldn't do what he did if I were in his position-especially since it was something she did in the past and not now, and I would be happy that my SO opened up to me- so I find it absolutly horrendous what he did to your friend. Even if my SO was currently engaging in that behavior I would get them help, but I would still try to be together. And I voted B.

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