I like a guy but he likes someone else, what do I do?

He is one year younger than I am. We are in high school, He says he hardly talks to her and when I asked how can he like her if he doesn't know her, he says, "well i'm not in love with her". In other words I think he is just attracted to her. I really like him but I can't tell him; we are both in the school play and our characters fall in love so it would be really awkward if he doesn't have similar feelings.

  • Tell him anyway
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  • continue flirting/ drop hints/ kiss him on the cheek (hasn't had first kiss yet)/ hang out with him/ take him to prom as a friend
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  • just kiss him
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  • get over him
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He knows I have a bit of a crush on him but as I have gotten out of a relationship about a month ago he says he is scared of hurting me. I really relied on him after my break up and we became great friends but now he says that because he's seen me so hurt he doesn't want to hurt me too. Everything is still normal between us- he texts me every day and we flirt in school but I want him to like me back and not be afraid to. He likes this other girl though (that he never talks to). How do I get him?


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  • If you tell him and and continue to flirt then it will be ok because he doesn't have that strong frelings for the other girl

    • but wouldn't it be awkward? because we are in the play together and he has to dance with me and be romantic (btw he is the same age as you)

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    • thanks for your advice, it was extremely helpful. I'm still nervous but I might go with the flow for now and actually consider telling him

    • Your welcome , what is your name

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  • Forget about him and find a lovely guy who thinks about you. Stop chasing rainbows or whatever.

  • If he likes someone else chances are feelings aren't requited and he's not going to have a magic awakening moment of his feelings for you just because you confess your feelings to him.