She is going to a party and Im not?

So my girlfriend and I go to different collages that are three hours apart. I spent last weekend with her, when I left this weekend I ask what she was doing and if I could come and see her. She replied with or I will see you on the 27th. I said maybe we will see. a few weeks ago one of her friends said she was having a roaring 20s party this weekend and that I was invited. So while I was texting with her and she was saying how excited she was for this party and I kinda want to ask why she doesn't want me coming to see her and or going to the party. I want to come and see her and I don't mind driving that far either. What are your thoughts?


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  • Either she just wants to hang with friends or might like the attention she gets when she appears single.

    • It's 100% the second one. If she just wanted to be with friends she could've done that at home. She purposefully went out in public because she wants public attention, that is it.

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    • lol Well, that's probably joking at my expense, but I see it as flattering lol

    • You can take it in any way you want it was flattering in a joking manner I guess, maybe? I'm not sure anymore lol @M_A_X

  • If i were you I'd go. If she can't see that you are making an effort to come see her than she's dumb (no offense) she should appreciate the fact that you drove 3 hours to see her

    • I mean I did just see her last weekend and what not. She also said she was going to be working in the studio a lot this weekend for her gallery. That doesn't matter to me, I can hang out in her suite and do my hw while she is gone. She doesn't like it when I'm not around, and she says that she doesn't want to mess up this relationship.

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