Women, how long do you wait?

Guy gets your number, asks you to do something but you're busy so he suggests some other time. How long do you wait for him to ask again before you lose interest?


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  • Why didn't you just ask then and there.

    • I did when I got her number. She agreed then remembered she had this sorority thing all weekend which I know is legit since I know plenty of girls who were busy cause of it. So I said some other time we would figure it out. I haven't been free since though.

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    • About two weeks now and we've talked some since then via text and in person.

    • Then don't push it any longer. Though if I liked a guy, I wouldn't lose interest for a pretty long time regardless if he asked me out or not.

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  • I think you should ask her again immediately, or else she'll think that YOU lost interest. Good luck!

    Would you look at mine please? It's called "Based on his behavior, do you think he's losing interest?" in the relationship category. Thanks!

  • a few days.


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