Why was he so nervous when I revealed how I felt?

I confessed to a male buddy of mine that I "like" him and he was super nervous and shaking... then he was saying he only sees me as a friend but then he told me that I'm attractive... then he also told me that he finds this other girl attractive but he's deciding if he should be in a relationship or not... then he tells me that he doesn't want a rewlationship in general and that there's possibly a chance later on in the future but that we should just be friends for now but it could change later on, but that he also finds this other woman attractive at the same time and then he was saying its his choice, but then he was saying his work family and himself is his priority... He's also very protective of me as well... and this other woman appears to be wanting citizenship cuz her visa is expired...

Is he letting me down easy? Or does he like me as more than a friend if he hasn't cut any contact with me? Also why was he shaking so much when I told him how I felt towards him?

  • likes me as more than a friend but keeping options open/ considering me for future maybe
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  • prefers the other girl/ might get with her
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  • oh well... it's obvious... wouldn't you feel uncomfortable as well if somene told you that he likes you? :-P

    • What's so obvious? He likes me back?

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    • Np! So this buddy of mine told me I'm "beautiful" and he's protective... what do u think of that?

    • He also giggled when a friend of mine asked him if he likes me?

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  • I voted B because no man is going to make an excuse if he wants to be with a woman


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  • He is 'Shaking' in his boots here, dear, because you have caught him with his hand in another cookie jar here, dear, with finding 'This other woman' on his list of other priorities, as well as you as his side dish and He-----His work family and himself is his priority. I would say Not just This, which yes, he has added to his top of the list, is not just the case, but he is this fickle pickle who doesn't want to Commit to any One woman, doesn't want to be hooked a the hip with any Steady Betty and between him, who I feel has slapped you in you face, by making you stand there with egg all over your face while he is trying to decide between you and this other chick, tells me he is a Dick in his own right and should not be taken seriously as two birds of a feather at this point in time.
    Move on with your own life. If you are seeking a Real Relationship with someone, then find a rooster who isn't crowing nor cooing about other hens and making you feel like anything you suggest or even tell him will go south at any given moment and... that you have to constantly walk on eggs with.
    Good luck. xx

  • I don't understand... what do you think are the signs that he likes you as more than a friend? because he was shaking?

    • He's always protective of me and seems to care about me - he wanted to cry when he saw me crying... can a guy find a girl attractive but not get with her? And how do u think he feels towards me?

    • He might think of you like his sister. I cry too when I see my sis in pain.

      can a guy find a girl attractive but not get with her? - yes, when he thinks of her like a sister.. that or he meant you're attractive (to the public eye) but not to him.

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