Girls - have you cut off a guy because of an argument and then regretted it?

Suppose you've dated a guy for under a month that you really liked. You had an argument, which doesn't seem like a big deal to him but does to you and you decide to cut him off.. have you regretted it? Did you feel like trying to reconcile?
If he cut you off because you cut him off, would you try and get in touch again?


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  • Honestly, I've never dated in my whole life, but I have a guy in my school who's pretty much my close-friend/enemy. We get along well, but because we're both so stubborn, we tend to fight on things that are so trivial and irrelevant. I do admit that when I start to argue, I get easily frustrated when I don't seem to be winning, and tend to just drop the conversation and the guy so I can cool off. Sometimes (because of my stubbornness), I can't even stand to see him for a few days cause my pride just won't let him win! But in the end, I always end up deeply regretting it because I realise how stupid our fights were and always make it a priority to apologise, he always seemed to think the same way to.

    There were times when he seemed to not want to talk to me despite my apologies, but I always try to get into his good side again by constantly nagging him and pretending we never fought in the first place (he eventually forgets why he's angry and things go back to normal.)

    If you're asking this because something similar happened to you, chances are she overreacted (not trying to by stereotypical but girls in majority tend to be more sensitive then boys and over-analyse everything too much). If she can realise her own mistakes, than you should probably forgive her as it's not an easy thing to do (admitting mistakes, I mean). She must really care for you if she'll put the fault on her, say she was wrong, say she was sorry, and say she wants you back.


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