Just got into a relationship but now he wants to take it slow? what does that mean?

Been seeing this guy for a couple months now. We just decided to be in a relationship but not even a week after he said that he wants to take it slow. Does that mean take it slow in a sense with intimacy or does it mean lets see other people?


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  • First of all... just ask him. That's how relationships grow and develop, through open and honest communication. It's not going to scare him off if you want to know the relationship expectations.

    Second... normally when a girl says "let's take it slow" it means that the guy is moving too fast, or is trying to escalate the relationship too quickly. So perhaps this is what you're doing.

    Are you trying to make him your husband overnight? Are you trying to make him completely exclusive too fast?

    The odds are that you're just being a normal girl who's into a guy and wants things to be exclusive... I personally think this is a good move if sex is involved.

    But you should ask yourself if you're being needy in a way that's pushing him away. And if you are then stop it. And let him know that you didn't mean to be.

    And if you're not being needy and you're just being normal (ask a girlfriend who knows you for some perspective) then maybe he's less into romance and intimacy and simply wants to hookup. Or maybe he's nervous about being serious with anyone right now.

    Either way you should be asking him expectations, and letting him know your expectations, so that you guys can meet in the middle, or move on to better partners?


    ~ Robby


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  • maybe he was burned and wants to take it slow

  • Take it slow with intimacy...


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  • He does not want to jump into sex

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