Girls: Do you hate guys who wear loud shirts?

I was just wondering, do girls hate guys who wear shirts which are even the slightest bit loud? I mean I wear a lot of different brands when dressing casual but do brands like Edd Hardy and Affliction out you off?
I'm talking like this, not too loud but with logos:
I'm just worried girls judge us a lot for dress sense, I mean I have a nice figure I'm not fat or skinny as I workout but..
Should I buy just plain shirts with nothing on?

  • Hate them, get some plain clothes
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  • Fine as long as they aren't too loud and obnoxious
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  • I don't judge men for their clothes
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What Girls Said 3

  • If you're wearing affliction I'm gonna stereotype you a juice head.

  • Just depends on how loud we r talking LOL 😁

  • I like plain shirts on guys, but there are girls that like those type, though far less.


What Guys Said 1

  • dude this t-shirt kicks ass...;-)

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