Is it possible to say I don't want to break up?

Is it possible to say I don't want to break up, but I just need a break to get life together, before we can start a future.


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  • Instead of taking a "break" (because most of the time, those that have a "break" never end up getting back together) why don't you two just understand that you may not be able to hang, talk, or do things as much because of other obligations that you have?

  • Well I'm not really certain about 'breaks' if you need to get your life together why don't you do that? Why do you need to break up with him to do it? Maybe you should stay together and just tell him you're trying to get your life together and that you won't have a lot of time to hang out or date, but keep him there talk to him and tell him what's going on. Make him feel important and listen to what he has to say. Even if life is hectic having him there may HELP you with whatever is going on?

    • Yeah that sounds smart but, the reason why we broke up was because I was always busy helping my family and others by being their taxi driver, so know I just want him there, but feel like if we start the relationship we might break up again but hurt each other more, but I want him in my life I will always be there for him, but right now I have to get it together to be able to give him the time he needs. please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.