He's mad....I don't know if I did something wrong or...what.

Okay my boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and it's never really been a problem before but sometimes when we hang out he ignores me and talks to other people (girls) and I have NO problem with it. But tonight I stopped and parked my car (I saw my friend Cody) and wanted to say hi. My two other friends Tiffany (his and my best friend) and Jena (a mutual friend who also has a crush on Cody) and we got out to say hi but he didn't want to so he stayed in the car for like 10 minutes while we chatted and said hi to his mom. Apparently he was angry about it (I could tell) but he didn't get PISSED until he wanted to go to a graveyard and look around and we all wanted to except Jena. I didn't want to leave her in the car alone so we didn't go. (I was planning to take him when I dropped Jena and Tiffany off so it'd be us two and wouldn't bother Jena) But he got really PISSED OFF about it. I think it was because we left him and didn't leave her? I'm confused because if we went we'd have to park my car a couple blocks away (in my town we can't go to graveyards after dark) so basically we could get in trouble for being there and my reasoning for not leaving her is that we were only staying to see Cody for 10 minutes and we'd be out there for a half hour-an hour and we'd be much further away from the car than we were when we were with Cody. I asked him if he was mad and he lied saying he wasn't. Later when I dropped him off at home I asked him if he was mad and finally he said he was but he didn't want to talk about it at the time, and that we all p*ssed him off. I'm not sure what I should do...because he does the same to me, and even jokes about cheating on me with other girls (while ignoring me) and I'm not sure WHAT to believe. Should I do something nice for him and apologize? Just some advice please. I need some before I talk to him tomorrow.


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  • he got jealous


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