Those of you that have been in friends with benefits relationships?

question to those who have been in friends with benefits relationships: did you actually remain friends after the sex stopped?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol I don't think that happens very often!

    • I don't either. so many girls on here complain about their friends with benefits that I was curious if the "friendships" even make it afterward.

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What Guys Said 2

  • No because she started being a bitch. Only met with me when she was feeling horny and felt that just because we weren't in a relationship she didn't have to change her plans to fit me in.

    • so, you felt used for your body?

      Inever see guys say that.

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    • No, I just didn't feel satisfied sexually since whenever I wanted to meet up she'd always be busy.

    • ahh, ok. lol

      yea, thay would be really annoying.

  • With most I have remained very good frineds. Of course many I am still having benefits with. But there are a few that the sex was just not great for either her or me so we let it go and just stayed friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • It hasn't stopped yet, so I can't really say. We aren't "friends" now, we are acquaintances that fuck. Other than the basic public information, we don't really know much about each others lives. We know where each other works, and lives. He knows I have a kid but has not met her, nor will he ever. I know he has at least one brother, and that was only cause he mentioned borrowing his brother's car one day. We are not Facebook friends, nor do we hang out in public. We have never, nor will we, go out on a date.

    However, he is very sweet and friendly when we are together, just neither of us care to make it more than what it is.

    • so, you're actually just fuck buddies.

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    • Lol yes, sexy beard. Its not one if those irritating little soul patch bitch beards, nor is it zz top. Its nicely groomed, close to his face, and fuzzy just like his curls. First bearded guy I've been with, but I decided it was sexy on him, at least. I think it depends on the beard and the guy. My ex husband had the bitch patch on his chin lol. Made him look all wanna be prep or something. When he tried growing it out he just looked like a scruffy bum.

    • lol, yea some guys are hot with neat beards. my ex had a beard and was definitely better looking with than without. ;)