Do you think I'll ever get out of the friendzone? What are my chances of it actually happening?

So my best friend who I have feelings for is 4 years older than me. When i told her I liked her, she told me "your too young for me, we should just be friends. This was 2.5 years ago when we first met, and I feel that a lot has changed since then. Now. I'm 26 and she's 30 and we're both single.

The thing is, we hang out all the time. We see each other almost everyday and at least 4-7 days a week. She always calls me to come over, and rarely do I call/text her to hang out. We go on vacations together, and spend all our free time together. Our friends all think we're together, but we always say "we're just friends."

Her family loves me and invite me over for dinner, or to go out with them. I even went to her moms bday dinner. A few weeks ago she asked me to go to dinner with her, but I had plans already with another girl so i said i can't. I told her I would call her after my dinner, and during my dinner i get 2 texts from her. She asked, "are you done yet? do you want to come over?"

She thought I was on a date, and she went and texted me if I'm done yet! I've never done this to her when she was on a date and when i told her it didn't go well, she seemed relieved and excited...

Anyways, the next day she was texting some guy she met online and it got me jealous. When i told her i was jealous, she said, "really? why? your my bff". I ended up lying and not telling her the real reason why i was jealous.

Now, she hides her phone from me and when she's texting she will try and hide it from me, which is a bit strange.

What confuses me, is the amount of time she spends with me. She sometimes links arms with me when walking, or rests her head on my shoulder... At the casino we were sitting next to one another and she would put her hand on my thigh. She would high five me, but grab my hand and squeeze it.. just things that "friends" wouldn't normally do with one another.

Like when we walk together, she would link arms with me. friends?


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  • its very possible. you have to make a real move on her first.


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  • You may not be able to get out of the friend zone, but you can try by telling her how you feel. If she still says no, then you might have to walk away for a bit and let her realize that she can't live without you.