How do girls in general feel about this?

Me, my friends, and tons of other men even on this website say we wouldn't date "sexy" or "hot" Women. Normally we prefer cute. How does that make you feel?


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  • For me, something like that doesn't necessarily bother me just because there are billions of other guys out there in the world, all of whom have different preferences on what type of girl they like, just like how girls prefer different types of guys as well.

    I don't think that just because you're hot you can't be cute and vice versa, I know lots of girls from my school that can put on their reading glasses and Polo shirts and look innocent and shy, then dish out in leather jackets and look simply bad-ass. A girl can literally transform herself by the way she carries herself and by the way she dresses, don't underestimate the amount of devils you can encounter posing as angels or the amount of stuck-ups out there who are wild in bed.

    Simply put, though I don't know what category I would fall into, I don't think I'm affected at all just because a) there's plenty of other fish out there in the sea b) there's nothing a little attitude and wardrobe adjustment can't do and finally c) I don't concern myself with what boys I don't care about think about me.


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