Do you think girls want to put a 'label' on relationships more than guys?

So ya, I guess answer the question and if you feel kind, letting me know specifically about my situation here. thanks!

I just feel like usually girls push for a label faster than guys do. Even my female friends push me to talk to her about 'us' and I actually really like the girl I am currently seeing, but we have just a hit a month, I feel like that is soon. I guess I am just always afraid that labeling things puts new pressure and expectations on things when things are going so well the way they are, why risk it? I know we are exclusive and we have crazy good chemistry. I don't even look at other girls/ I just wan to see her.



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  • Most girls want to label things because they feel like if they don't, it means the guy is thinking he can still date other girls or see other girls etc. However, some girls feel exactly the way you feel about labelling things. I guess girls just want to know that the guy we have feelings for likes us enough to make us theirs. It's a nice feeling to know someone wants you so much that they don't want anyone else to have you (I don't mean this in an abusive relationship kind of way!). Over time, if a guy hasn't made it official we usually start to think that maybe he isn't that into us or he is just playing around with us and it makes us feel insecure- that said, this isn't true for every girl. If you and the girl have really good chemistry, nothing should change just because you labelled it, just remember that expectations would change for you but her as well. You should definitely talk to her about it so that she knows that you're not just messing her about and you're serious about it.

    • What if we already said we are exclusive though? I feel like that kind of solves it all. Sure if we were to be dating in 6 months, then we can say something, but its only been a month and I get the feeling she wants me to bring it up though...

      Thanks for your input though, that does help some

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