When communicating with someone you like, how often is too often?

when you've known each other close to a month, have gone on three official dates and are really hitting it off. we messages each other 6-7x a day or more and he calls 3-4x a day. he always wants to know what I'm up to but I don't think it's annoying (yet). is it too much?


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  • Wow...that would be too much for me, major burnout, unless she was the love of my life...but that's just ME. Every relationship is unique. If you and your guy feel comfortable at that pace, then have at it. I'd only advise, for the sake of a healthy relationship, that you give each other a little space eventually from time to time (maybe a day or so per week without much contact). But then again, it's up to you and him. Best of luck.


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