What's his deal?

I don't want to be one of those people that writes their entire life story on here but I met a guy before summer.. I wasn't looking for anything serious. It seemed he was into me more at the start but we started hooking up and I fell for him pretty quickly i guess. We talked over summer (we met at uni) with cute little messages and photos and when I finally saw him he came over and we did nothing... we just talked and he left early. At this point I don't know y but i was really sad so i called him and asked him what we were. he asked if I wanted a relationship. I said yes. he said no thats not what he wanted that he's too young. We never really saw each other after... I had really believed he genuinely liked me. This was a bad time for me. One night I got so drunk I called him 20+ times asking him to come over and i cried apparently ( i don't remember)

I started seeing someone else for a few months but things with him fell through too and 2 months later I asked the previous guy out for a coffee (it was his birthday) He said yes we talked then suddenly he stopped messaging and the plans didn't happen. Again for months we didn't talk then 4 days before Valentine's day he messages me... asking how I am and about my life. Nothing more not inviting me anywhere just talking.

When I met this guy i truly felt like id met a soulmate. I don't see any future relationship being successful when he is still on my mind. Would really appreciate all your opinions on this guys and girls.



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  • You two are probably better off as friends. Personally i think he wants to be your friend. He will text you occasionally to see how you are and he's hoping you found a bf, so that he can be your friend or he's hoping to keep you on the back burner of his life, in case he gets lonely or desperate and needs an "instant gf" Whatever the case may be, because you obviously want him as more than a friend, you should probably cut ties with him, its just gonna hurt you and torture you more. One day when you do find the right guy who will make you his gf and be proud to call you his gf, and you're happy and in love, then you can shoot a text to that guy and say hello, how are you and start a friendship from there.

  • Sorry honey. Leave him be. You should have never called him that many times. Forget about him. I'm not sure that his intention was to hurt you and I don't doubt that he liked you but he told you straight up he wasn't ready for a relationship. He was decent enough to be honest. It's not something to take personally. You don't want someone who is not ready because they won't be able to appreciate you. Stop contacting him as hard as it is I know.

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