Been seeing guy for month and a half that I met online, he had deleted his profile a few weeks after meeting but he's back on the site?

I recently noticed that he's back on the dating website and has an active profile again, which is his own business but it just seems weird that he took it down before, and now is on again, rather than just never having taken it down in the first place. We still seem good when together, but now I'm second guessing.

Should I confront him about it? Just ask what he thinks so far? Is it too soon? We've been hanging out at least once or twice a week, and have gotten closr, so will I come off desperate or needy if I ask?


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  • There are lots of possibilities here. I used to go on OKCupid just to waste time -- you know, just as another online activity, for when I'd get tired of Facebook, nytimes. com, and the other sites that I visit most often. So it could be something like that. Or -- maybe he reactivated his account to check out the profiles of women that his friends are dating. Like his friends are saying, "I'm seeing this new woman; check out this username on this dating site." That's also happened to me.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for him; I'm just saying there are lots of possibilities. But I totally agree -- it does seem weird that he was off the site and then got back on it.

    One last point though -- it seems like you're also on this dating site (and have been since you met this guy), right? So I don't think you want to "confront" him about his profile, but maybe you could have a conversation about it? If you guys are going to have a conversation about exclusivity eventually, then just work in, "You know, I'm going to deactivated my online dating profile," and see how he reacts.

    Good luck.


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  • yes, ask him what's going on.