Is he into me or just playing with my emotions?

We've been on 1 date and it was great. He works a lot and we said we would have the second date after the holidays well its after the holidays and we were supposed to go out three weeks ago. He cancelled. Then last week we had a miscommunication and I thought the date would be this week not last so we didn't go out last week. We were supposed to go out for sure tonight and he text me and said he needed to cancel. I really like him but now I'm disappointed and pissed.
Now what?


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  • Well, occasionally guys end up changing their minds about certain things they will be doing throughout the day, week, and month. When I meet up with some of my friends, we sometimes get certain plans or events canceled and it can happen twice in a row, sometimes even three times (rare). If he is canceling every single date then you can either ask him for an appropriate time that fits his schedule, or you can assume that he is avoiding you.

    • I Should have mentioned that we work together and see and talk every day so is he afraid of me? We have been talking for 9 months getting to know each other should I ask him what he wants?

    • You should ask him what he wants and see if he thinks about you in the same way. Good Luck!

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  • have a talk with him to find out.

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