Is he cheating on me?

Ok so my boyfriend might be cheating on me. Because I have found a phone number and lipstick in his coat ( not mine) . I also know he always has an excuse to leave but there kinda strange and don't seem like him. If he is what should I do? I know that he used to cheat on girls in the past but he told me he doesn't do that any more. I am so very confused. Plzzzz help!

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Every time we are together after a few minutes he gets a text then makes a excuse then runs out. Is that normal? We have been dating awhile. I thought that we were fine so I don't know what is changing.


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  • You should talk to him, because at that age it's a little strange for him to be cheating on you like that/ have the lipstick of another girls in his jacket since it's not like he can go out to clubs or even really drive anywhere himself- maybe the lipstick was his moms or sisters- either what it's a bit strange, so It would probably be best to talk to/ask him about it.

    • Ok but he is old enough to drive. He's 16 so I really don't know.

    • It all does sound a bit strange so it probably would be best to ask him about it- it seems like that may be the only way for you to know.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Are you really 15? Not sure how many girls he could've possibly had before you to get such a bad rap. Maybe it's his mom's?

    • Yes I am 15.

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    • i had a thing with a guy like this before we were gonna date but then he started having a thing with my ex girlfriend ahha

  • YES DUH...

  • He is Of course! Just leave him.


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  • Once a Cheater, always a Cheater